I don't have to work till late night,
plus Sales Increased 40% - 50% after using SiteGiant

" Before I get to know SiteGiant, everyday I work until midnight to reply all order's email, Facebook PM. Daytime still a lot of things to settle like stock checking, stock packing and answering customer phone call .

After using SiteGiant's shopping cart system, now I can well manage my all email order, most all my customers turn themselves to my website placing order themselves. "

- May May
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Malaysia's Successful Online Sellers Are Using SiteGiant

Our customers are selling averagely over RM10,000 every month, some top sellers sell over RM500k per month

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SiteGiant will bring you Professional and Quality ECommerce Shopping Cart solution. Here at SiteGiant, we offer everything larger companies do and even more, but for only a fraction of the cost. SiteGiant is not perfect in everything, but when it comes to E-Commerce Shopping Cart solution, we are really good at it. We provides everything you need to create a successful ecommerce website.

Whether you're looking for startup or are already selling online for sometimes, SiteGiant will empower you with our easy-to-use ecommerce software. You'll receive an all-in-one solution, including a powerful shopping cart, free ecommerce templates, reliable hosting, ecommerce software support and much more. We have years of experience and we will try our best to ensure your online venture success. We hope you enjoy your stay and decide to give us a try.

Choose us with no regret!
We’re The Most Localized eCommerce Solution Provider in Malaysia

GST Ready

Your online store MUST able to handle GST. Let us worry about GST, you’ve more time to focus online business. Our GST Tax module is easily turn on and implement it with advanced & basic function.

Understand Local Buyer’s Behaviour

Our system contains with various KILLER Tools to help you SELL, MARKET & PROMOTE your product & services in local market effectively. As example - Our Facebook Store’s feature allows you to drive traffic from Facebook fanpage easily to your website.

Besides, our Manual Order’s tool allows you to place order on behalf of customer and issue invoice directly to them (Lot’s of local buyers still lacking the concept of placing order online). There are lot’s more tools that designed to target local buyers in our system.

Sync Products To Local Online Marketplace

You can easily sync products to local marketplaces like 11street or Lelong and enjoy the income flows in from various channels without need to double work on product reuploading in different marketplace.

Get Support From Local People

We are very localise, we speak the same languages as our customers do, we understand local market well, and know what it takes to succeed. Our 10 years experience in Malaysia's eCommerce industry certainly can benefit you.

On going system update based on local latest trend

our R&D team are constantly developing new features and perform upgrading regularly to ensure your stores are equipped with updated tools. Again, let us handle the hard jobs!

Local Payment Gateway and Courier Company Supported

No More Hassle and Confusing in accepting your customers payment. We support PayPal (International), Ipay88, MolPay, & eGHL which are our Local Payment Gateway Provider. Besides, we support major local courier company as well. Feel free to compare & check the rates and select the one you prefer.

Choose From Our Professionally Designed eCommerce Templates

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