What is Shocking Deal?

  1. 11street Shocking Deal is one of the highest traffic section in 11street.  It generates 30% of direct traffics to this shocking deal page and every month shocking deal contributes about 25 to 30% of 11street gross sales.
  2. Increase Brand Exposure – By participating in shocking deal, you may put your company logo in your product to create awareness that you are carrying this product brand because this page has high page views due to the large traffic volume.
  3. Increase Sales Volume – Your revenue will be improved tremendously and besides that, you’re able to Increase Positive Feedback in your store when buyer leave comment after purchased.
  4. 11street Buyer Behavior – Most window shopper tend to visit shocking deal page first to check the good deals before browsing other pages.

So, as an online seller, by all means you need to join 11street Shocking Deals because it is a golden opportunity to reach for the crowds in 11street.

Listen to what our Clients Said About 11street

… I got at least 100 daily sales

I am so happy to have my products sync to 11street with just one click of a button. Thanks to SiteGiant “marketplace sync function’’. After being 11street sellers, my sales inquiry has increased and I was invited to featured my store in 11street where I got at least 100 daily sales during the featuring period. Besides it’s also help in creating our brand awareness too.

11street has a lot of campaign like Hari Raya, Mother’s day, Shocking deal, free shipping this give us more advantage by selling in the mall. Last but not least SiteGiant did a good job by enable us to explore on this marketplace.


Zong Li

My sales has increased more than 60% during the period

I knew about 11street from SiteGiant newsletter and I was given the opportunity to feature my Store & 4 Best products on 11street homepage for 2 weeks! My sales has increased more than 60% during the period. I have no regret on joining 11street and I am looking forward to join the next best store rotation!

J2 logo2


My monthly sales has spiked up more
than 50% throughout the entire month

Many thanks to SiteGiant for giving us the opportunity to feature our 11street Store on the homepage. My monthly sales has spiked up more than 50% throughout the entire month where I got featured. Also 11street marketing campaign with free coupons is drawing a lot of sales opportunity for us. Thanks to SiteGiant & 11street!


Lee Chin

How Can I Join Shocking Deals?

You need to ensure your products listed in 11street meet with the below criteria :

  1. Product with Lowest Price Guaranteed (Cheapest in the market).
  2. Products that are Popular or In-trend.
  3. Unique or Exclusive products (Can’t find in other open market).
  4. Products that have potential to have High Transactions (ensure you have sufficient inventory).
  5. Products that are Fast Moving.

I’m interested, what should I do now?

Register seller account in 11street. Click here

Make sure products that are listed are LIVE and
is in good deal

Done, your products will be listed in Shocking
Deals once they are approved by 11street’s

If you’re using Unicart Pro, you can sync
your products directly to 11street Marketplace

Contact 11street merchandiser to participate in
shocking deal campaign (merchandiser’s contact
details are available in 11street’s Seller Office)