Selling on Amazon

and reach hundreds of millions of buyers

It’s time to expand your Online Channel & Target Market globally.

Now with our newly launched marketing tool

Amazon Export

you can export the product information from SiteGiant system

easily, import them into Amazon Seller Central and start selling.

Why selling on Amazon?

  1. Generate More Sales – Create a new revenue stream by selling to new international customers. More importantly, your earning are all in USD.
  2. Reach Hundreds of Millions of Customers – Access a massive audience of confident customers — in the US alone, Amazon has over 95 million monthly unique visitors.
  3. Discover Amazon’s market that your local competitor never realized. Online shopping is a bigger ‘thing’ in the US. US customers are more mature with online shopping.
  4. Build Your Brand – Introduce your unique selection to international customers who visit Amazon every day.
  5. Let Amazon Do the Heavy Lifting – Amazon takes care of domestic shipping and customer service with FBA. Sellers can concentrate on producing / sourcing for more products and focus on what they are good at, while leaving the fulfillment and customer service to Amazon.

Amazon Seller Stories

Joachim Sebastian
Founder of Kismet Decals

Steven Yang,
Anker Technology (Consumer Electronics)

Special Privilege, Exclusively
for SiteGiant Merchants

  • Time Saving with product bulk export from SiteGiant system & import into Amazon Marketplace
    (*Product Export function only available in Unicart Premium)
  • USD 50 credits for Sponsored Products Advertising
  • Consultation with Amazon account managers (for first three months). This includes:
    • Listing support (we can help you review your listing quality and upload the listings for you)
    • Faster category approvals
    • Guidance on FBA preparation (preferred vendor rates)
    • Lessons on Sponsored Products and Promotion Campaigns
  • Full access to our Seller University videos (more than 100 lessons) – these education videos will set you up for success when selling on Amazon!

What are you waiting for? Let’s turn your domestic
business into international business today!

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