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More Channels = More Sales

Sell Everywhere, Your Income Has No Limit Now

What is Marketplace Sync?

Everyone knows that they shouldn’t put all eggs in one basket, multiple sales channels selling is not a new idea, but it has always hindered by your capacity (usually time) to upload and manage products in different marketplaces. Now SiteGiant store is not just able to list your products to marketplaces like Lelong, 11street, LogOn, Lazada, Qoo10, GemFive, Amazon, Shopee and Youbeli but also update the orders / inventory from these marketplaces to your store.

Imagine following scenario :

Selling in Website (RM50k / month)


You get a total of RM140K / month, it’s 180% INCREMENT of revenue each month. Furthermore, when we add in new marketplaces for syncing, it’s like open up another water tap in your online business, except the one flows in is cold, hard cash instead.

After using SiteGiant’ Marketplace Sync, surprisingly, our sales has been increased 20% -30% at least. At this point we just sync around 60 products over…

After using SiteGiant’ Marketplace Sync, surprisingly, our sales has been increased 20% -30% at least, At this point we just sync around 60 products over…

Before that, without Marketplace Sync, there is no breakthrough in our revenue. Our sales has been stagnant for some times…

Also, long time ago, I already plan to expand my online business by selling in marketplace, but I just don’t have the luxury of time to reupload my products into the marketplaces.

Now I am able to save at least 80% of product uploading time in the marketplaces. I can utilize my spare time on business opportunity & marketing.

Thanks to SiteGiant’ Marketplace Sync, I am very satisfied with it…


Ms Yong
(Klang, Selangor)
Baby & Kids Product Online Wholesaler

Our Sales has been increased 200% – 300% after using SiteGiant’s Marketplace Sync

Without Marketplace Sync, selling in multiple Marketplaces is a big challenge…

SiteGiant’s Marketplace Sync help us to reduce the error in product management like typing error, no more mistake in uploading products.

We also can quickly filter out the products, assigned to respective Marketplace’s category easily such as which product has been sync and which one haven’t sync. The status is very clear. It has definitely increase the efficiency in managing our products in multiple marketplaces, I have save more than 80% of my time in product management. I have more time to accompany my family as my kids is growing up

With Marketplace Sync, I manage to upload few hundreds of products in one day… It has actually shocking my marketplace’s account manager…

Without Marketplace Sync, as a Seller I will not put so much products in Marketplace, buyers will have less choices, probably we will sync only a few core products. Marketplace Sync indirectly helping to boost eCommerce industry as it has increase ranges of product in Marketplace…

Our Sales has been increased 200% – 300% after using SiteGiant’s Marketplace Sync


Eric Tan
(Kuala Lumpur)
Kids Station Marketing Sdn. Bhd
Online Seller of Toys and Child Development Products

How SiteGiant’s Marketplace Sync benefit you?

Increase Your Income by increase additional sales channel selling.

Get More Exposure to your brand, get free traffic from other channels.

Time Saving – With a single click, all your products in SiteGiant Store will sync over to the marketplace and all orders from the marketplace will sync back to your store.

How Marketplace Sync Works?

Sync Products to Marketplace

Sync Back Order Details / Inventory from Marketplace

  •  Update inventory across all participated marketplaces.
  •  User Friendly marketplace categories assignment.
  •  Allow extra configuration on marketplace field such as Free Shipping, GST Support etc
  •  Different price assignment in different marketplace respectively.

How SiteGiant’s Merchants List Products in Each Marketplace?

  1. Via API Sync – Lelong, Lazada, 11street, Qoo10
  2. Via CSV Bulk Uploading – LogOn, GemFive, Amazon, Shopee

Who Need Marketplace Sync?

  1. Anyone who feel their Revenue Has Been Restricted on existing sales channel and would like to Expand to New Channel.
  2. Anyone who Don’t Know How to Drive Traffic to Their Online Store and don’t mind to share a cut of profit with marketplace as long as it can bring in more sales.
  3. Anyone who have Plenty of Stocks in Hand, you could be a manufacturer or the main distributor who have competitive advantage of getting products at the most competitive price.
  4. Anyone who is Selling General Type or Hotselling Products such as handphone, baby products, clothing etc.. the opposite of generic products are industrial type of products or services.
  5. Anyone who Don’t Have Time to Add Products Manually in each marketplace respectively.
  6. Anyone who Wish to Keep Track of Order / Customer Details from Each Marketplace in SiteGiant’s control panel.
  7. eCommerce veteran who Wish to Out-Compete Their Competitor in each marketplace.
  8. eCommerce beginner who Wish to Experience How Online Selling Works in Both Online Store and Multiple Marketplace simultaneously. You will gain the know-how about Malaysia’s eCommerce industry in the shortest period of time.

How SiteGiant Works?

The Ultimate
Platform that used
by Malaysia
Power Sellers

REDUCE Workload and
MANAGE Multiple Markeplaces

All In One Place!

I am interested, what should I do now?

  1. Sign up our eCommmerce plan now! Marketplace Sync tool is only available in Pro plan and above.
  2. Email and let us know which marketplace you would like your products to be listed.

90% of sales is generated from Marketplaces…

For the time being, our online business is relied heavily on SiteGiant’s Marketplace Sync, estimately 90% of sales is generated from Marketplaces, without Marketplace Sync tool, we’ll not manage our products so effectively.

The beauty in the Marketplace Sync is not only it help us Saving Time in product uploading, whenever there is any transaction in other marketplace, we can sync back the order details to keep in our online store and update the inventory as well.

When SiteGiant get our Store Featured in 11street’s Best Store Section, our Sales has been increased at least 30%… The Shocking Deals Promotion is even more powerful, pushing our sales into whole new level

I have to admit that all these result is achievable, I didn’t paying anything extra to SiteGiant or Marketplace that I participated, It is indeed one of the value added service provided by SiteGiant


Alex Tan
(Kuala Lumpur)
Tan Electronics Sdn Bhd
Merchant of Mobile & Accessories Products

From International business to successful local online business

SiteGiant’s system contains one excellent feature when in comparison with other shopping cart system. First, their response is fast, whenever there are new features or modules, they will update to my website automatically.

Second, their system works very well in local market…

– Lawrence Liaw