Benefit of listing your products in Malaysia Marketplaces

  • Ongoing Marketing campaign
    Local Marketplace will continuously launch new campaign on each month, E.g Merdeka Sales, Baby Expo, Christmas Deal, Year end sales and more! To attract buyers to buy from their marketplace.
  • Coupon and voucher widely distributed to buyers
    Each campaign will supported with discount code or coupon, where the promotion is subsidize by the marketplace.
  • High SEO Ranking
    Today, most of the item that we search in Google. It happens that marketplace item is shown in the Google search first page.
  • High Traffics
    Marketplaces invest high amount of money in SEO, Online ads & Offline ads to draw traffic to their website.
  • Sales Opportunity
    Last but not least, there are demand for your products as long as it’s something generic or niche products that people are looking for.


Marketplace Competition (Moderate – high)
There is no way you can stop your competitors from listing in the marketplaces.

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Marketplace Sync
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