E-Commerce Hands-on Training for SiteGiant Merchants

Thousands of merchants have been
trained and started selling online!

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Are you still not familiar with our system?
Then this training is a must for you to attend!

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Practical training for setting up SiteGiant E-Commerce Platform.
  2. Setup Payment & Shipping Options.
  3. Product Uploading.
  4. Store Layout Management.
  5. Checkout process & order management
  6. How to sync products to Marketplaces (11street, Lelong, Lazada & etc).
  7. Setup GST
  8. Setup Multiple Customer Groups
  9. Go through some useful marketing tools & plugins in SiteGiant platform.
  10. Q & A session.

(Topics covered on actual day might have slight variation as it depends on situation). Only 50 seats available for each session.


Who should attend this training?

  • Anyone who has just signed up a Sitegiant store, but don’t know Where and How to Start.
  • Any SiteGiant merchant who is currently selling on facebook/marketplaces and planning to start Own eCommerce Store that allows you to Handle Stock control, Generating Invoice, Payment System which will ultimately enhance online business operation.
  • Any SiteGiant merchant who lacks the experience in selling online and would like to know how to use SiteGiant store to Increase Sales and Reduce Workload.
  • Any SiteGiant merchant who wish to get ideas on further Improving Your Own SiteGiant’s Store Layout.
  • Any SiteGiant merchant who wish to Experience How Online Selling Works in Both Online Store and Multiple Marketplace simultaneously. You will gain the Know-How about Malaysia’s eCommerce Industry in the shortest period of time.
  • If you’ve been using Sitegiant store for a period of time and would like to Explore Additional Functionalities that you have yet to discover.

Are you holding one of the roles below?
Then it’s a must for you to attend this training.

Business Owner

You may not have IT background but wish to sell and expand your business from offline to online. This training will equip you with all the necessary info needed to kick start your online business by using SiteGiant system as well as learning to sync products to marketplaces and more. Once you are familiar with our platform, you can easily share and guide your staff on how to maintain your website. Most of SiteGiant clients are business owner with no IT Background. Today they’re doing very well in their online venture.


Are you one of the new startup merchants who have stocks on hand and you are finding ways to sell it online? Well then, this platform is the key for you to spark your online business. It comes with eCommerce cart, Marketplace sync, Marketing tools, Inventory management and more. By enrolling to this training, you will be motivated and inspired as you are able to master all the necessary skills in using SiteGiant eCommerce platform. At the same time, you will be able to meet more people and build your network with the rest of the participants. For New Startup, earning at least RM 10,000 sales per month is not impossible! SiteGiant active sellers made at least RM 30,000 sales per month!

New Startup

Are you having difficulty using your current eCommerce system whereby you don’t know much about coding or perhaps your eCommerce website lacks certain features? Or maybe your sales figure is just stagnant and decreases from time to time? Act now! Switch to SiteGiant eCommerce platform and enrol yourself in our training course. This intensive training will help you to master SiteGiant platform and gain more insights. We will also be sharing some business tips and strategies to help you in further boosting your business. It only takes 8 hours and you will be able to gear up and restructure your online business in no time. If everything is done correctly, you will see a significant improvement on sales number!

Existing eCommerce Seller

Have you ever feel difficulty in using your current eCommerce system whereby you don’t know much about coding or perhaps your eCommerce website lack of features and your sales figure just stagnant or decreasing from time to time?Do take action now to switch to SiteGiant eCommerce platform and enroll to our training course. This intensive training will mastering you on how to use SiteGiant platform and educate you on business tips and strategy. It only takes you 8 hours! and you can gear up and restructure your online business.If everything is done correctly, you will see a significant improvement on sales number!

Words from our participants

Sitegiant training help me having deep understanding in setting up my business webpage in order to gain customer attention and publicity.


I love how the presenter presents the information, very clear and easy to understand. Marketplace sync function and also the 5 secret to be a successful online store are the topics i liked the most.

Mohammed Shameer

With the overview of training, it helps me to easily work on setting up my E-commercec website.


This training allow me to have better understanding on the overall functionalities & features for Sitegiant platform which can help to start my online business!

Wei Ling

He gives me better ideas on designing my website and some marketing techniques. Brief but clear presentation and good time management.

Rizal Hamid

Trainer present the training very well and understable. (a lot of examples included)

Mohd Narshafiq

You will learn how to get the most out of
SiteGiant Store.

Please make reservation with the confirmed number of attendees. First come first served basis.

You will need to bring:

  1. Personal laptop along with your laptop charger.
  2. Personal mobile data is required for your own laptop internet connection.

Date: Wednesday, December 27th, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Auto Count Sdn.Bhd
B2-3A01 & B2-3A02 Block B2,
Meritus @ Oasis Corporate Park
( Pusat Koporate Oasis) ,
No.2, Jalan Pju 1A/2 Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/hNpg87D8EhE2
Waze : Meritus @ Oasis Corporate Park

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