Different Ways to Improve Purchasing Conversion

Purchasing conversion

There are a lot of ways to influence your customers to purchase your products, be it having a simple checkout system or clean product interface. But for now, we are going to talk about how to improve your customer conversions by doing a bit of tweaks on your product page.

First thing’s first, you have to make sure that your product page has some credible elements. You can’t just place your product information up and expect people to buy your products. You need some supporting information to prove that your product is actually quality and functionable. And these are how you can further improve your product page:

Adding FAQ section
When customers are hesitating on whether to make a purchase, it’s mainly because they have a lot of unanswered questions. Placing a series of FAQ after the product description will help your customers to get a clearer picture about the product and your services.

Live Chat
Treat live chat as an extra boost of confidence for your online business. Live chat gives off a sort of confidence to your customers, indirectly telling them that your shop is real and running. Furthermore, placing a live chat allows your store visitors to know that you are easily accessible, making your business more trustworthy.

Though there might not be much people using it, but just seeing the icon gives your visitors a piece of mind.

Product Videos
Feel free to showcase your products in the form of video. One thing about online shopping is that customers are not able to feel the product in their hands. Showing the products in a video allows them to view the products from different angle and get a clearer picture of what they are buying.
You can choose to create a video and even add on the procedures of how to use the product as a bonus, or maybe just create a simple introduction video about your product.

Customer reviews
Allowing your customers to leave reviews provides a social proof for the future customers that there are actual people who bought and used your products, and they feel that your products are awesome, and took the time to leave a review for you. Future customers can take reference from your reviews and be reassured of its quality.

Money back guarantee
For new sellers, providing money back guarantee or any form of guarantee will help you a lot in terms of sales and customer trust. This gives your customers a confidence boost, and acts as a message saying that you are very confident with your products as well. Place it out there for your customers to see instead of shove this info in a small corner with small wordings. If your products are great, why not take the risk?

Of course, you might need to do some testing instead of applying all of these onto your product page. Some products works well with the above methods and some doesn’t. It’s not wise to assume that every single method as mentioned above are all going to boost your sales. Play around with the methods and even improvise the methods to fit your business model.

Ways to Get More Reviews

For those who just started off with your online business, getting your first product review is like the best thing that’s happened to you. It makes you feel recognized, and it acts as an approval label from your customers. It represents the quality and reliability of the store.

As for those who are already running your online business for a period, you would’ve realized by now that how important product reviews are, as they are one of the major influence factors on your customers. If your reviews are good, then you will get more customers, after all, actually comments from customers who’ve used your products are the best promotional material you can get.

So to cut the chase, here are some tips and tricks on how you can get more product reviews in the long run:

  1. Use discounts codes

Discount codes usually serves as a motivation for your customers to leave a review for you. Feel free to offer a small discount such as 10% off storewide on their next purchase to encourage them to leave a review for you. Besides, you can also improve your customers’ retention rate! It’s hitting two birds with one stone.


  1. Try to send in a personal message

If you don’t feel like going to plan A, why not choose the conventional plan B – asking your customers to review willingly. You can send a simple and sweet message to them and ask them to leave a product review for you.

Do make sure that the message is straight to the point, and feel free to use some emojis (but not abusing it) to make the message attractive.


Hey😊! Thank you so much for ordering from us during our previous clearance. We are totally grateful of you for helping us clear out some stuffs. I know this is a bit too much, but if you have a moment do kindly leave us a review about the 👕shirt👕 that you just bought. It would be really helpful 🙇‍♀️. You can help other customers make their decisions as well! Thanks again and have a great day!


  1. Spread among family and friends

There’s also another way, which is to ask your friends and family to comment on the products after they purchase the products from you. Of course that involves certain discount rates and some other under-the-table benefits but it’s worth the price. Did you know that most people won’t feel like buying from you if your products do not have reviews? This is just simply because they are looking for confidence in your products and if your products can’t provide them that, then that’s it. They will just hop on to another seller.


And that’s it! These seems easy, but patience and consistency are very important to make all these happen. Make sure you are committed in constantly getting reviews to make you store credible. Feel free to test around the methods or even innovate these methods to suit your business. After all, sometimes the smallest or simplest change can have a significant impact on your business.

4 Dos When You are Shooting Product Photos

Ever wonder why people go all the way just to take a great photo for their products? Sometimes you see online sellers bring their products to cafes, gardens, and even hills and mountains just so that they can get some nice shots of their products using the environment. Or maybe you will see a different approach of photos, where people will set up a mini studio in their houses, so they can take a good shot whenever they want, day or night.

I’m not saying that taking such photos will guarantee you successful sales, but you need to understand that your customers are now evaluating your products by photos only. Normally when a customer shop in a brick and mortar shop, they can touch, they can feel if this pillow is soft, they can try it out before they make a purchase.  But in this case, photos are all they get, so at least make sure your photo is presentable.

Eye-tracking studies show internet users pay close attention to information-carrying images. And when the image is relevant, they will spend more time looking at the images. As we can see from here, images plays an important part in retaining your customers.

Before you take a photo for your product, think from your customers’ point of view
What kind of photo you will be expecting if you are a customer?
What kind of photo you would like to see, which angle you would want to take a clearer view on?
These are those small little things which people will normally overlook.

A. Make sure your photo has a good resolution


From the picture, it’s obvious that customers would prefer to purchase from sellers who provide photos on the left, because honestly, even though we know that the products are the same but we can’t see the product on the right clearly.
Customers normally feel uneasy and not very confident when they are provided with inaccurate information, and in this case, they are unable to view the details of the product clearly.
Some photos might look good when you view it at a smaller scale, but don’t forget to check on how the photo looks when it’s expand.

B. Make sure your product has a great lighting


Even though your photo has a good resolution, but do avoid taking photos which the shadow is blocking the viewing experience.

C. Make sure you don’t overdo the background

Do avoid placing too much extras in the background, you would want your customers to focus on your product and not on the background. Just keep the background clean or make sure the background is relatable with what you are selling.

Example: If you are selling furniture, make sure the background is either a plain color background or a functional background, such as living room backdrop.

D. Use a model for your products appropriately

Placing people in the picture allows your customers to widen their imagination, where sometimes they will think that the person is them instead of the model. It also provides an image on how they will look on your product.

Take IKEA for an example, they did a mix of showing customers just a close up of the furniture and pictures of people using the furniture, providing an image of how this piece of furniture will fit into your house, and also more ideas on how you can utilize it.

These are some useful tips on how you can outshine your competitors with your product photos. The more you can come out with photos that scream your brand, the better your products stood out. Feel free to apply these tips into your product photoshoot and take in consideration on how to establish your brand with photos.

6 Hobbies You Can Make Money From

All of us have hobbies or pastimes where we enjoy doing things we love, relaxing or having fun. Well, some of the hobbies are money-making. Below are some hobbies where we can earn some extras or turn them into businesses.


If you are a fashionista or fashionister, besides buying clothes, sell them. As you are always in-trend, your clothes will be in-demand.

Start selling everywhere. In other words, multichannel selling. Sell on Facebook, from your webstore and /or mobile store. Sell in various marketplaces as well like Lazada, 11street etc. You can engage e-commerce platform providers like SiteGiant to make selling easier for you.


Writing or blogging

Not everyone has the knack for writing. If you have it, start writing or blogging. Choose a topic you are interested in and start writing. In time, you will be an expert in it.

Publish or sell your writings as e-books on platforms like Amazon. You can also join online places like Fiverr and start offering your writing skills.

If you have the discipline to consistently write good articles for your blog, you will eventually have a good pool of followers or readers. There are many companies out there who would then want you to be their affiliate. You can earn from being their affiliate.  


If you love photography and constantly being seen with your camera, you may also consider this as your part time income or even start a photography business.

Take good pictures and sell them on online platforms like Shutterstock, Corbis, 123rf and many more. One of my friends even switched his career from being an engineer to a successful wedding photographer.

He started off by taking free wedding photographs due to his passion. As he is able to capture that special moment, more and more friends / couples asked him to be their photographer.

He then became a freelance photographer. Now, he owns a studio and constantly making overseas trip for couples who wish to take their wedding photographs in other countries especially Europe. Is he making money, of course!  


Musical Instruments

You do not have to be Mozart or Beethoven. As long as you love music, you can enjoy playing while earning.

For instance, The Piano Guys, Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson and Al van der Beek. They started off by just uploading their music on YouTube. Now, they are having tours around the globe and recordings in DVDs.  

If you are well verse in many instruments, knowing which brand is good or bad, knowing which brand sells better, you may consider selling them online.

For instance, a Yamaha piano sells better and have a better reputation than a Kawai piano, sell it! This is a niche market. The easiest way to make money is to have no competitor or few competitors. Done right, you will be making lots of money.

Baking or Cooking

Everyone needs to eat. Some food lovers would even go the extra mile for good food; be it cooking and baking them or to visit certain outlets.

If you are good in cooking, share your recipes, take nice photographs of your food and upload them to Instagram. You may also start a YouTube channel demonstrating how the food is being cooked. According to Google, 59% of 25 to 34 years old take their mobile devices into the kitchen. They can see your cooking demo in the kitchen and try cooking the food on the spot.



One good example is The Vintage Angel. Jessica Masiker simply loves to make earrings, necklaces, shawls. Now, she is selling on Facebook and handcraft marketplace like Etsy.

Her work is stunning and has more than 325 thousand Likes and followers on Facebook. May May, one of SiteGiant merchants who sells fabric and craft materials as well grew her business 40 -50% upon signing up with SiteGiant.

Besides the hobbies mentioned above, there are a lot more money-making hobbies you can discover such like programming, illustration and design, travelling etc. Life would be a bliss if you are making money doing things that you love.

Selling in a Niche Market

The easiest way to make money is to have no competition or less competition. The best way to improve your chances of having few or less competition is to identify a niche market. However, you need to be good, specialise in it as well. Example, who earns more? A general practitioner or a neurosurgeon? The neurosurgeon of course.


Besides being good in what you are selling, having sound product knowledge, your product has to stand out as well. Your niche audience have to be easily found too.


One of the good examples is our client, ATKC e-Warehouse. Have you ever thought of buying cement online? I bet most of you will say no. If you need cementing, you will most likely go to a brick and mortar cement or construction company. However, this is one of the products ATKC is selling online. Does it work? Amazingly, yes!

According to the screenshot from their website above, they have even sold 15,120 packs of cement! Besides that, they are even selling bricks online! Many did not believe this business model will work. Guess what, ATKC has proved them wrong.


Thus, the path to wealth, is not getting bigger, but become smaller and specialized. It is better to be a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond and get eaten by bigger fishes.

5 Reasons to Start Selling Online

Should I sell online? Will people buy if I sell online? Yes! Infact, huge hypermarkets like Tesco is selling online as well. Now, you can even buy fresh food like fish, chicken to household products via Tesco’s online store. So,what are the reasons more and more people starting to sell online? Here is why.


1) 24 hours On-going Business

Unlike traditional businesses whereby you have to close after certain hours and certain days for you and your employees to rest, online businesses can run 24 hours straight. In other words, you will be able to make money even when you are sleeping!


2) Unlimited Products

You can list / sell unlimited products online. You will not have space constraints as to where to store them alike many traditional businesses are facing. Example, 1 of our merchants, Hoops Station,  is selling more than a thousand products online.

You can even use services like iStoreISend, a partner of SiteGiant to store your products. You do not need a warehouse. Just rent a space from them. Once there is an order, SiteGiant store will notify them and they will even help you to ship the product to your customer.

3) Low Startup Cost

Rental, furnishing, deposits, water and electricity all can be saved if you are running your business online. In fact, you do not need a physical store. This saves you a lot.

If you have a really low budget, you can even try out dropshipping. Dropshipping companies like Kumoten allows you to list as many products as they have and sync the products and orders to your SiteGiant store. You only need to pay when someone purchase your product(s) and Kumoten will ship it directly to your buyer.


4) Geographically Unlimited

Since the dot.com boom, the world is flat. Anyone across the globe can be your customer. SiteGiant Cross Border Marketplace Sync allows you to sell anywhere and everywhere with eBay, Amazon etc. You do not have to limit yourself to only a certain area alike traditional businesses. The world is now your market.

5) It is The Trend

As mentioned above, Tesco has gone online selling even fresh products. 5 years back, who would be thinking of doing so? At United States, the market value of Amazon alone, is larger than all the brick and mortar retail businesses put together. This shows how strong and fast e-commerce is growing.


All in all, this is the right time to start your online business. Worry no more. Start selling online now or you will eventually lose your edge in the e-commerce era.

5 Tips on Video Marketing

Is your website not interesting enough? Besides nice design, you can upload videos to your site. According to researchers, today, 33% of all online activity is watching videos.Videos will be the element to drive 80% of the world’s internet traffic by 2019.


So, start looking into this aspect now. Here, we have few tips in coming up with good videos.


1) Story centric, not sales.

Today, we are bombarded by sales driven videos. A story centric video will definitely stand out and/ or delight your web visitors. People like stories. Let them know more about you by telling them your story.


You may also address your potential customers’ needs and hidden desires in your story. Tap into their conscious and unconscious mind. Come up with an emotive video. This will help in converting them to buy from you.


2) Be creative.

Do not come up with a typical corporate video. It is boring and your customers will most likely just ignore it. At the right point, inject some humour. Think out of the box.


According to Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO for HubSpot, when people watch a video, they want to be enlightened, be pulled out from reality. Thus, make it light and fun. Do not clutter your video with information. Some key points will do.

3) The most important 10 seconds.

People are impatient. 1 out of 5 viewers will click away within 10 seconds or less if it is not interesting. Thus, go straight to the point. You may also make them curious or use some teasers to hook their attention. Something like an offer or promo code is coming up.


4) Optimise your video for SEO. Description is the most important element.

Reason being, Google’s search spiders will crawl your video’s description to understand the content of your video. Thus, embed relevant keywords and every single detail about your video in your description. You may also include your website’s URL in your video and description.  


5) Education.

Not everyone will understand what you sell. For instance, selling a cheongsam to a caucasian. She might like the design but do not know what are the important details to take into consideration. You can come up with a video first tell the history of cheongsam then educate her that accurate measurement is important when she refer to the size chart as cheongsam is a body fitting wear.

Now that we have unbox the tips of video marketing, start making one today. A picture (video) tells a thousand words. People do not like to read. Watching is definitely more interesting and is the trend now.

How to Kick Start a Successful Referral Marketing Program

You might be spending a lot on advertisements. Why not consider a referral marketing? Referrals are the best leads. It is a pre-sold lead to you by a third party who has nothing to gain from recommending to you.


Those who have been referred will believe and most likely buy from you as they are recommended by a neutral third party. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. So how to kick start a referral program?


First of all, make sure you are worthy to be referred or introduced. Are your products of quality? Are your services good? Are you meeting or exceeding your customers’ expectations? If yes, it is good to start your referral program.


The primary method is not rocket science. Just ask. Ask your friends and family, everyone you know and your existing customers to refer you. Come up with a schedule. Example, asking every 3 or 6 months. Do not ask too often. However, do not worry too much about this as most of the time you are not asking enough.


Your happy customers will mostly be glad to provide you few names. Ask them more about the people they are introducing, i.e. who they are, what business or industry they are in, what are they selling or plan to sell etc. and call these referees up.


Besides asking verbally, instill your referral marketing program into your best customers mind by using newsletter. Educate them about the program and how much you would appreciate if they could refer someone to you.

You may also send them text messages about your program alike what Uber is doing. People bring their phones everywhere they go even when they are dining. Text messages is good to reach out to your happy clients. Ask them to refer their family and friends and be rewarded.


Make full use of your website. Have a referral tab in your website. It can be linked to a simple form so that you know who referred who. You may also include the referral rewards in that page to encourage more customers recommend you.


Upon referring, send a nice gift to all who has referred you as a token of appreciation. It does not have to be something expensive. A customised T-shirt, a nice pen or flower arrangement is good enough.

If your thank you gift is beautiful or creative enough, people might share on social media like Facebook or instagram. Indirectly, it is promoting your referral marketing program again. So, put some thoughts in it.


In a nutshell, do not just advertise. Come up with a referral marketing program which will give you quality leads. Promote your program. Do not be afraid to ask.

Be a Relentless Collector of Testimonials

Testimonials from your clients are a very powerful sales tool. It is powerful and influential as it provides independent, third-party verification to your claims. In marketing terms, it is also called social proof.


According to a study, a psychologist asked a person to stand on a sidewalk and stare up at a building. Guess what, hundreds of passerby started to do the same as well. This is the ideology of social proof. When we see a lot of people doing the same thing, we assume it is correct.


Testimonials can come in many forms. The best is in mini-stories. How your client started his or her business, why they started it, what are the struggles, ups and downs, how they triumph, the more personal the better; the longer the better.

These give a personal touch to your potential customers where they can relate to. It might also answer some questions your potential clients have been pondering. The longer the testimonial, the more you can edit and extract from. More information is always good.


Do not just print out your testimonials. It is the digital age. Get a video recorder to record it and post it up your website. People prefer watching than reading. Done right, it might get viral and boost your sales. At SiteGiant, we get testimonials from our happy client using video recording. It can be found on this page.


With today’s technology, you do not really need a videographer to do so. Get a video recorder or a smartphone and shoot away. There are a lot of user-friendly software on the web for you to edit. It is cost saving yet impactful.


If you are really lost and do not know how to get the testimonials out of your client, you can first prepare a list of questions as guidance. Ask your questions based on the 5W and 1H. The questions can be like below:


  1. Why did you start your business with us?
  2. Describe your experience with us.
  3. How did we perform compared to other companies you have worked with in similar line?
  4. Will you continue doing business with us again?


Now, start gathering testimonials from your happy clients. The more the merrier. Be a relentless collector of testimonials. Boost the confidence of your potential customers and convert them.  

Why You Should Use Customer Group Pricing and How It Would Benefit You

Ever wonder what is “Customer Group Pricing” which is included in most of your SiteGiant packages? Many might ignore it but do utilize it as it is a powerful tool. It is especially useful to those who do not want to limit themselves to only one group of customer.


Having a variety of customers and offering them the right/reasonable price is key. Customer Group Pricing enables you to show specific pricing to only specific group of customers.


For instance, wholesalers would be able to see at a cheaper price compared to retailers as they buy in bulk. According to our happy client, May May, this function helps to avoid confusion between wholesalers and retailers.


If you are a retailer and selling in limited quantity, this does not mean you do not need Customer Group Pricing. You can use it to distinguish members vs. normal customers. Members will be shown at a discounted price while normal customers will only see the normal market price.


You can convert your normal customers into your members and even have tiers of memberships. For instance, if you have spent more than RM1,000, you are entitled to be a gold member. If you spend RM5,000 and above, you are a platinum member. This will boost your sales.  


Thus, this function is equally important to you, not only to wholesalers. People would feel privileged being your member, being able to enjoy discounted items like none others. This gives them a sense of loyalty. Having returning customers is one of the keys to a successful business anywhere.


Now that we are aware there are few customer groups we could tap in, showing the wrong price could be a disaster. Thus, for your sake, for your business’s sake, start exploring and use Customer Group Pricing today!  

3 Essential Rules of Marketing

Being bombarded by tons of marketing tips, tools etc.? Not knowing which is right? Which to follow? Here are 3 essential rules of marketing.


1) “Will my customers get sick of me sending them emails? Free gifts? Thank you messages? Sick of seeing my ads?” The answer is No! Keeping frequent contact is essential. According to professional marketers, you must see an ad at least 20 times before it makes an impression in your brain.

However, do not spam your customers. Whatever you are sending out or your ads have to be interesting or of interest to your customers. People will not get sick of learning something new. This is marketing by educating. Educate them about your existing and new product. Educate them about you.


2) If you are spending RM5,000 on Google Ads and your revenue is RM10,000, keep doing it! It is generating revenue for you. Rule No.2, if you are doing something right, keep doing it. Keep firing. Do not just stop the campaign simply because you want to save on Google Ads. Keep it up!

Meanwhile, try out other ad copies, keywords or other medium. You will have to spend to learn what is working and what is not. There is no shortcut. However, if the other mediums are not bringing you immediate sales. Stop them.

“It will take some time for your ad to work” Do not believe it. Do not believe those who tell you to run an ad over and over again to get response. We are not some multimillion dollar corporation to spend this kind of money. Whatever you do, it has to lead to conversion in a short period of time.

3) Internet marketing does not work. Facebook does not work. If you try them and they do not work, you are doing it wrong. If Google does not work, Facebook does not work, they would have already closed down. For sure, they must work to survive for so long.

So, the problem lies in you. You must have done them wrongly. These platforms are strong marketing tools. Learn how to use them. Are your keywords not relevant? Are your ads targeting the wrong audience? Under what circumstances and situation which will be the best tool? Learn, learn and learn.


We hope this article will serve as a wake up call, nothing more. Now, start marketing with these essential rules in mind.   

8 Reasons Your Online Business Fail

E-commerce is definitely the trend for now and the future. However, if it is not done right, not being thought thoroughly, you might fail. Below are some reasons that might doom your business. Nonetheless, this article is not to scare or demotivate you from venturing into e-commerce.


1) Hidden Charges

This is something you should never overlook. Spell out your shipping charges and any sort of charges upfront else it will anger or upset your customers and lead to cart abandonment.

Shipping charges should be included at the product page. You could also embed a shipping calculator for your customer.


2) Unforeseen Cost

You have to put aside some cash. Do not expect immediate sales upon uploading your product. If you are selling a new product, it will take even longer, even months before people start purchasing from you.

Thus, you will need to take into consideration cost per customer and your customer’s lifetime value as there will be competitors and your customers might easily switch to your competitor if your branding is not strong or you are not marketing your product right.


3) Market Research

Speaking of competitors, you should do some market research before starting your business. Do not just sell because everyone is selling.
Do a SWOT analysis of you and your competitors. From there, turn your strength into opportunities. Work on your weakness and eliminate your threat to your best.  

4) Pricing

Upon checking and studying your competitors, it is time to set the appropriate pricing. Too cheap and your customers would perceive your goods are of poor quality. Too high and your customers would feel being rip off.

Thus, paying close attention to your competitors’ pricings and on your sales performance is important to determine the appropriate pricing.  


5) Complicated Checkout

A multi-step checkout will only frustrate your customers and lead to cart abandonment. Let your customer enjoy simple checkout process and if you wish to have their details, ask it at the very end. Always give them an option if they wish to provide you their details for future purchase.

6) Customers Do Not Know What to Do

Think in your customers’ shoes. This is alike walking into a mansion. As the mansion’s owner, guide your visitors around your mansion. Do not expect them to know where to go.

You can either have a “Next” button or auto direct your customers to your desired page upon performing a desired action.


7) Missing Contact Information

This might seem insignificant but do not overlook it. With proper contact information or even a map, helps in building trust in your customers.

As you are selling online, your customers are not in a physical store, they need to know as much as possible about you. No one would want to buy from an overnight business.


8) A Bad Website

Your website must be secure, easy to navigate and mobile friendly. Anything less will affect your buyers’ experience.


With the now known reasons your online business might fail, avoid them with all cost. Strive hard and thrive in this promising landscape.

5 Ways to Drive and Maintain Traffic at Your Website

As an online  merchant, what do you want most in your business? Traffic! What’s next, conversion! Here are few tips on how to drive and maintain traffic to your business which will in turn translate into conversion.


1) Advertise

Make use of Google’s Paid Search as Google is currently the biggest search engine. Bid on specific keywords not general keywords in order to get quality leads.

For instance, do not bid on “smartphones”. It will cost you more and the leads will not be of quality. Instead, try using something like “smartphones stores in Penang”. The cost is much lower and you will be able to gain more quality leads.

Besides Google, advertise on Facebook. There are thousands of potential customers on Facebook. Do not leave this social media out. The same principle applies. Do not just advertise. Target and narrow down your audience. A pool of 500,000 audience is ideal (however, this may vary from case to case basis)

2) Write Irresistible Headlines

Besides photos, headlines are the one who will catch your customers’ attention. Come up with not 1 but a few headlines. Brainstorm and discuss. Choose the headline that best describe your product and is appealing to your customers.


3) SEO

Build an SEO friendly website so that it will appear in search engines. Optimize your content so that search engines can look for them. Are you just uploading images, not using alt text? What about meta tags? What about keywords research? You might want to start looking into them.

If you do not have the time to study on SEO, engage a professional to look into your website. Once your page is fully SEO ready, you can expect organic growth (more traffic, free of charge). It is worthwhile.

4) Well-Shot Product Photos and Detailed Description

Upload more than just 1 of your product photo. Take it from different angles. As you are selling online, your customer cannot hold, touch your product to get a better look. Thus, uploading 4-5 photos of different angle would help your customer gaunge your product better.

A good and detailed description is important as well. Put in as much detail as possible about your product to educate your customers. Done wrong, your page’s bounce back rate will be high. All the pennies spent to get the customers to your site will be wasted


5) Mobile Responsive site

Nowadays, people do not just use laptop or desktop to purchase anymore. Many purchase on the go. So what will happen to the traffic flowing to your site?

Having a mobile responsive site is the solution. Without it, you will just lose the traffic no matter how good your advertising or marketing campaign is.

Upon reading this article, try practice what is written. There is no magic formula. You will have to do it to see the results. Tweak when necessary. Monitor your site closely.  

6 Tips on Writing a Good Newsletter

Newsletter or also known as e-direct mail (eDM)  is a powerful marketing tool. If you do not practise sending out newsletters, you should start sending them now. Here is why:

  • It is cheap
  • It educates your customers and keep them updated
  • It keeps you in front of your customer. If you are out of sight, you are out of mind

According to Dan Kennedy, you will lose 10% of your customers if they do not hear from you for a month. They will simply forget who you are.

However, coming up with a newsletter is not easy. You need to cut through the email clutter cause not only you will be sending newsletters. Your competitors are mostly doing so as well. So, how do you write a compelling, attention-grabbing newsletter which your customers will open and read it? Here are some tips.


1) Have an enticing subject line

This will make or break you. Your subject line or title should be straight to the point. Keep it short and simple, yet interesting. Write something your customers want to read, not what you want to send.


2) It has to be timely

 If you are offering a new product, once the product is in your store, start writing a newsletter to notify your customers and entice them to buy.

Remember, do not be a pushy salesman. Educate your customers about the new product. Include a photo or 2 to let your customers better gauge your product.

3)Write with an objective in mind.

Do not write a long-winded newsletter. Only 1 objective for 1 newsletter and stick to it. Write a brief yet pinpointed copy. If they wish to know more, include a link to your website with a Call-To-Action (CTA) like “Click here to know more”.


4) Make it easy to read.

Write short, punchy copies. Use short sentences, bullet points and keep your paragraphs short. Remember it is a mail, not a book you are writing. Avoid jargons or slang.  


5) Personalise it.

Write as if you are talking to a person, not a room of people. Use words like “yourself” instead of “yourselves”.

If possible, have their names on the newsletters. You may seek help from a programmer to do so as you are blasting to a list of customers. You will not want to type it 1 by 1.


6) Outsmart the smartphone.

People carry smartphones everywhere they go. They browse, shop, read on their smartphones. Thus, put your most important message at the very beginning. Do not save the best for last.


Remember, just because they are in your mailing list cause they bought something from you, they will remember you. People buy on impulse. You just happen to be there at the right time and right place. Once you are out of sight, you are out of mind.

5 Ways to Make Your First E-commerce Sale

You just started your e-commerce business. Welcome onboard! So, what can you do to make your first e-commerce sale even before Google and other search engines get to know you? Here are some tips:


1) Family and friends

Tell everyone you know! Make an announcement! Encourage them to buy from you or share your website with their friends. As they know you in person, fear of being cheated online is eliminated. They will mostly buy from you.


2) Host a contest

This creates excitement. Encourage people to “Like” your product page on Facebook, sign up for your newsletter, share it out, write slogans and win! Give out your products to the winners.

You might ask, this does not close my first deal. But what you are gaining here are valuable leads whereby you can convert them into your first sale. Done right, it will even go viral and you will be able to close a dozen sales, not just your first.


3) Video and animation

Compared to writing a long-winded article about who you are, what you sell etc. video and animation are far more interesting. They play a critical role in educating your potential buyers.

Education is important as you are a new player in the market. You need to tell them what set you apart from others. By knowing more about you, chances of making your first sale is higher.


4) Sell on various marketplace

Just because you are new, do not limit yourself to just selling on Facebook or your website. Engage e-commerce platform providers like SiteGiant whereby you can utilize SiteGiant Marketplace Sync to sell on popular marketplaces like Lazada, 11street, Shopee, Lelong.my and more. Marketplaces usually invest heavily in online marketing as they have more budget. You may tap into their heavy traffic and close your first deal in no time.


5) Create coupons

Everyone loves deals. Give out your coupon codes on social media or send them via newsletters whereby you have attained them in Point 2 above.

You can set the coupons to be applicable only for the first 20 entries as a celebration of the opening of your new store. This will create urgency and frenzy. This way, not only your first sale, your first 20 sales are sealed.


Now that you know about the tips and tricks, it is time to take action. Do not just sit on it! Start spreading the words and make your first e-commerce sale! See you on the top!

8 Tips of a Great Offer

A great offer can succeed with a poor copy. But the best copy cannot sell a poor offer. So how to come up with a great offer?



This is a make or break factor. Your price have to be high enough to allow sufficient mark-up but not too high that will turn your customers away, being perceived as a cut-throat price. So how to come up with an ideal price? Observe how much your competitors are offering and take it as a reference. Then, carry out AB testing for different market segments to come up with the right price for the right market.


Shipping and handling

Do you include shipping in your price or excluding them? Do you pad some profit in your shipping charges? Take this into consideration else it will eat up your profit margin.


Unit of sale

If you are running a sale on a product, focus on the product itself in all your marketing collaterals. For instance, if you are having a dress promotion, focus on that particular promotion and not having another promotions on sunglasses, skincare, beauty care whatsoever at the same time in your marketing collaterals. It is too overwhelming and confusing. Sell only the dress. Do not try to achieve more than 1 objective with your sales piece.


Options and extras

Advertise and sell your products at the basic price during the offer. The price for an ad is often the lowest it can get. For instance, if you are selling a laptop, just sell the laptop with basic specs. Options and add ons like a mouse, a hard disk, more ram or an upgrade to a higher specs can come in later .

The Up-sell

This is a little similar to Options and extras. You reel in your customers with the product on offer, and show them what other more expensive items which other customers have bought to tease them. You can use SiteGiant Also Bought App.


Free Gift

An offer does not always have to be discounts, lowered price items. The price may stay the same but you are giving out free accessories or free gifts. For instance, if you are selling dresses, you can give out a simple but nice necklace for free. Nice and useful free gifts will promote your brand as well and stay in your customers’ mind.


Reward Points

You may also reward your customers with more reward points during the sales period. Example, 2x reward points when you purchase from xx to xx. Limited time only. Showcase what they can get for free with the accumulated reward points. You can do this by using SiteGiant Reward Points App.



Sweepstakes contests work best for multiple, low-priced items. Giving out a car vs. 10 iPhones, which will draw more participants? The 10 iPhones. Reason being, people will think their chances are too low for 1 car. On the other hand 10 phones, means 9 more chances. People would then participate knowing their chances to win are high.


The item has to be useful for everyone or at least for your targeted audience. In order to win, some will even buy the item hoping to win although it is stated no purchase is required. This way, you will not only be able to gather quality leads and traffic, conversion might happen too.  


Take these points into consideration and start developing a great offer. Though we mentioned that a poor copy can still succeed a great offer, do come up with a good copy in compliance with your offer. It helps in branding.

How to Start a Malaysia E-commerce Business

In a dilemma of starting an online business? Ponder no longer. This is the right time. The e-commerce marketplace in Malaysia has seen enormous growth since recent years.

In fact, it is not a guarantee win if you open an online store due to the competition. Thus, how to kick start and be successful in e-commerce?

Let us guide you through the process of selling online.


1) Select your product.

Choosing the right product to sell is challenging. Coming up with product ideas is not easy as well as it seems that everyone has been selling everything. However, it is not the end of the world.

You can sell the product you love as most likely you are already familiar with them. This helps in selling and marketing your product. However, do make sure the product you love has market demand.

Not sure if there is market demand? You can use Google Adwords tools to check on it. Click here

Alternatively, you can sell what your customers love. For instance, baby clothes and toys. Parents spend a considerable amount of time browsing to find adorable clothes and cute toys for their babies. They want to give their children the best.

Sherynn Ooi, SiteGiant merchant who is selling baby products is a living testimonial herself. Always bear in mind your customers’ needs and demand. Put yourself in their shoes. Speak their language.

If you do not have a product to sell, check out dropshipping platforms like Kumoten. You may choose products from their large assortments of SKUs. With dropshipping, you do not have to purchase beforehand, just list and sell.  

Once there is an order, only then you buy from them and they will ship it directly to your buyer. This way, you do not have to worry loses of unsold products.

2) Engage e-commerce platform providers

At this initial stage, it is best you engage e-commerce platform providers like SiteGiant as we provide all the necessary solution and tools for your to sell online, further more training and guidance will be provided to ensure you will not get lost.

We advise all new online sellers to kick start their e-commerce journey in marketplaces like Lazada, 11street etc. as they already have heavy traffic. You can test drive your products over there. See if anyone purchase your products, test the water for market demand.

With SiteGiant Marketplace Sync, you can sync your products to these well-known, heavy traffic marketplaces. Once there is order, it will be synced back to your SiteGiant web store and update the inventory. This way, you will be able to better manage your products and will not worn yourself up.  

3) Social Media

Do not forget about social media, especially Facebook. There is a huge pool of potential buyers on Facebook. Have a Facebook store as well and sell on Facebook.

To make your life easier as a starter, you can utilize SiteGiant Facebook Smart Reply. It is an automated reply when someone PM you. You do not have to be on Facebook 24/7.

To bring things up a notch, use SiteGiant Messenger Store. This app helps you to showcase and promote your products even when you are not on Facebook. Buyers can browse and purchase within the messenger itself.


4) Branding.

Now that you are more familiar with online selling, it is time for you to do some branding so that your customers will know you.

By now you should also have your own webstore. SiteGiant has an abundance of ready-made templates for you to choose from. Choose the template which you like and is mobile friendly. What about payment gateway and shipping? Do not worry. We have you covered in our webstore solution.

Sell from your webstore. Let your customers enjoy great buying experience from you so that they will return to you. You might want to print some labels with your logo and attach them in the parcel when you send them out for branding purposes.  


5) Promotions.

According to research, Malaysians love promotions, flash sales etc. followed by free shipping and guaranteed lowest price. Thus, keep your site / business exciting.

Seize the many festivals in Malaysia by having festive promotions example, Raya, Chinese New Year and Christmas promotions. You may also consider payday promotions. This is when your customers have plenty to spend on.

6) Keep in touch with your customers.

Send e-direct mails (eDM) every other day or once a week. Keep them updated with your promotions and your business. Let them familiarize with you and be at the top of their mind whenever they wish to purchase online.


7) Customer service.

If possible, have live chats or at least an email where buyers can communicate with you, channeling their queries or providing you feedbacks. Publish good reviews. This will give the confidence to other customers.

Alternatively, you can give them a call, a personal touch, and ask how are they doing with the products purchased. This give your customers a sense of caring. They might share with their friends and family the experience. Word of mouth is powerful marketing tool.  


In a nutshell, starting an e-commerce business in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world is not easy. However, with the steps above, you should be able to avoid many pitfalls and be successful in your business.

The 80/20 Rule

Many businesses spend a lot in advertising and marketing to acquire new customers. Upon acquiring new customers, their marketing job is over. This is a terrible mistake.


Acquiring new customers who made their first purchase is just the intermediate stage of marketing. Changing them into your faithful, loyal customers is the end goal. Make them stay and only buy from you.


The 80/20 Rule was suggested by a management thinker, Joseph M. Juran. It got its name after an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto. He observed and realized that 80% of Italy’s income was from 20% of the Italian population.


You may also put it this way; 20% of your activities produce 80% of your financial rewards. You can definitely apply the 80/20 Rule in your business or working life.


Here, we will be discussing where your profit comes from. According to the 80/20 Rule, your profit comes from the top 20% of your customers. This 20% of your customers are your loyal customers or your brand ambassadors.


It costs 6 times more to acquire a new customers while your brand ambassadors are your unpaid sales force as they will likely recommend their friends and families to buy from you.

Thus, how to create this 20% of loyal customers? Make them feel good. One of the many ways is to reward your customers with reward points. Make their purchases count.  


Upon hitting certain threshold, let them purchase for free. Who does not like freebies. Once your customers stick to you, your business grow.


You can also have special events like Members Day. Have a countdown to your Members Day. Hush those who are not your members yet to sign up.


Mark down your merchandises exclusively for the day. Example, 50% off, FREE gifts along with purchases. Let them feel privileged.


Besides these, always keep in touch with your existing customers. Send them newsletters to keep them updated and have offers from time to time. You may send out coupon codes in the newsletters to your existing customers for them to enjoy the deal. Make them happy.


The 80/20 Rule of Relationships is how you make your business profitable. We are not saying you should stop acquiring new customers. Just remember where your real profit comes from. The top 20% of your customers. Do not ignore them.  

10 Reasons Why People Buy

If you have read our previous article on “4 Important Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign you will understand how important it is to sell what your customers want.

In other words, products that have market demands. Ever wonder what makes people buy or what triggers them? Here are 10 reasons why people buy.


1) Fear

This is the Number 1 factor. Surprised? People fear of getting old, fear of getting sick, fear of being ugly, fear of being left behind.This is why beauty and health products are selling like hotcakes in marketplaces.

Fashion, trendy clothes sell well online too. People want to follow the latest trend, not being left behind, not being laughed at wearing something old.

2) Desire to be recognized

People want recognition, honor and prestige. They want to be set apart from the crowd. This is why we can see prestigious brands like Samsung, Apple, Hewlett Packard in marketplaces or even in online stores.


3) Greed

“This deal is a good steal. Let’s buy more”. This is what is playing in many people’s minds; no matter how rich they are, they always want more. People purchase more than enough simply because it is on sales though they do not need that much. In the end, they spend more instead of less.

Example, instead of buying a RM 30 dress, because it is on sales, you end up buying 5 more. Do you need that many dresses? Most of the time the answer is “no”.


4) Love

Love is a powerful feeling and a motivator to buy. Parents spend a considerable time online browsing and browsing until they find the best product for their kids. Be it a baby chair or some toys. The products must be safe and of best quality.

5) Self-improvement

People want to improve themselves. You would want to be a better you. Thus, you might end up buying some self-help e-book or sign up some webinars.

Alternatively, you might want to be healthy.Thus, you go to the gym. You might also go on a protein diet and get the dietary powder online.


6) Desire to win

Who wants to lose. If you are into cycling, getting a good bicycle and gears can be expensive to outwin your teammates or even rivals.Thus, many turn to online stores and marketplaces to check out good bicycles and gears which meet their requirements yet at a cheaper price.


7) Comfort

Comfortable bed sheets,shoes, clothes…who does not want them. Who does not want to purchase them at the comfort of their home. This is why we see many brands of these items listed online.

8) Lazines

“Lose 10kg in just 30 days with this dietary pill. No exercise needed” This is an appealing message. Guess what, it sells. People are lazy. This is the truth. For instance, the Hot Shaper bra or Pants. You only have to wear and sweat and get thin. No exercise needed.

This deal was found on 11street, one of the top marketplaces in Malaysia. Will this deal work? Of course! They have 938 reviews and scored 5 star.

9) Desire for great experience

People want great experience they will remember. Experiences like travel experiences, great food experiences etc. Same goes to travel agencies and airlines. AirAsia’s Zero Fare Deal with online booking was surely amazing.

People want to enjoy the place they are going, taking beautiful photos, experience the culture of the place. This is also a form of relax and escape from the routine life to rejuvenate.


10) Necessity of life

You need it! You cannot live without it! Example, rice, fresh food etc. This goes without saying. So just buy it!  

Now that you know why people buy, start tapping into their mind and make your online business or deals work! All in all, we wish to highlight the No.1 factor to buy is “fear”. Remember “fear” and use it to your advantage.


Tell people what will happen if they do not take the desired action.For instance, an online deal that will expire in 24 hours. People fear of losing out and will check it out and even purchase within the time span.  

The 4 Important Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign

Are you banging your head why your marketing campaign are not generating leads or sales for you? Spending thousands yet getting only a handful of leads? This article is for you.


1) Offer a product or service which people want.

“My product is fantastic, marvellous, one-of-the-kind!” So what. Your customers simply do not need it. It is like selling ice to an Eskimo. Always be in your customer’s shoes. Think and sell what they need ie. selling ice scrapers instead to Eskimos. They will need it for their daily life.  


2) Having attention grabbing, compelling messages.

People are bombarded by messages from radio advertisements, tv commercials, newspapers, billboards and even advertisements in the digital landscape, literally everywhere.

Your messages or advertisements do not always have to be fancy, bombastic. It can be straight to the point. Pinpoint your customers’ pain points, questions they have been wondering about and write or advertise on it. A good example is as per photo below.

3) Have a way to find those who want your product or service

There are many ways to find those who want your product or service via Internet. You can advertise your message on various portals and platforms

If you are selling computers, laptops, computer parts, smartphones, accessories etc you can promote on forums like lowyat.net or find any gadget lover groups on Facebook and craft your message there.

You can also pinpoint those who love electronic gadgets in your Facebook advertising campaign. Do not just advertise to everyone. Target their specific interest. Remember, sell to those who need or interested your products, not the other way round.


4) Have a cost-effective way for your campaign

Marketing is not free. Cost-effective does not mean marketing for free but meaning having a healthy ROI.

For instance, if you are spending RM10,000 in marketing and your profit is RM 20,000 this is good. However, if you are spending RM 1,000 and get nothing in return, you should start evaluating your marketing strategy.

Monitor and measure your marketing campaign closely is key. If possible, monitor it yourself or having a marketer to monitor it, not any Tom, Dick and Harry.


By keeping these 4 elements in mind, you should be able to run a successful campaign. Re-visit this article if you are facing problems in marketing your products.


Always remember to be in your customer’s’ shoes and stay in trend or be aware of the ever-changing market demand. Sell products that are in demand.