SiteGiant Cross-Border Selling

Empower Malaysian SMEs to sell on International Marketplaces

Grow and Expand Your Business Effortlessly with SiteGiant Cross-Border Marketplace Integration

SiteGiant cross-border marketplace integration helps Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and individuals sell easily on international marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, eBay, Qoo10, Amazon, Matahari Mall and more via API Sync.

How SiteGiant Cross-Border Marketplace Integration Works?

With SiteGiant cross-border marketplace integration, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and individuals now can manage their cross-border marketplaces in one integrated platform.

Product Listing

Sync your product content from your webstore to international marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, eBay, Qoo10, Amazon and Matahari Mall

Pricing Management

Customize your product pricing across different cross-border marketplaces in one place

Order Management

Check and view all orders from different cross-border marketplaces in one integrated platform

Inventory Management

Update latest inventory across all participating cross-border marketplaces

SiteGiant Cross-Border Marketplace Integrations


Population: 32.04 million

Online Shoppers 19.83 million

Marketplace integration:


Population: 266.79 million

Online Shoppers 31.65 million

Marketplace integration:


Population: 5.79 million

Online Shoppers 3.12 million

Marketplace integration:


Population: 326.77 million

Online Shoppers 215.4 million

Marketplace integration:


Population: 96.49 million

Online Shoppers 35.4 million

Marketplace integration:


Population: 69.18 million

Online Shoppers 12.2 million

Marketplace integration:


Population: 106.51 million

Online Shoppers 50.77 million

Marketplace integration:

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SiteGiant Cross-Border Marketplace Sync

Country Population No. of Online Shoppers SiteGiant Marketplace Partnerships
Malaysia 31.8 million 15.3 million
Singapore 5.7 million 3.12 million
Indonesia 265.7 million 28.1 million
United States 325.9 million 215.4 million
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*Population data retrieved on 20/02/2018 from Worldometers
*All figures are estimates only

As seen above, your products can be exposed more than just the Malaysian population. So, why limit yourself to sell to just 31.8 million people, when you are actually given the opportunity to sell to so many more globally.

Who needs this?

  1. Any merchant whose revenue is limited on existing local sales channels and would like to expand their brand to New Overseas Channels.
  2. Any merchant who wants to drive more traffic to their online store and get more sales but don’t mind to share a small portion of profit with marketplaces.
  3. Any merchant who it is selling general or niche products such as phone accessories, baby products, handmade items, clothing, and many more.
  4. Any merchant who has plenty of stocks on hand, such as manufacturer or a main distributor that has competitive advantage of getting products at the most competitive price.
  5. Any merchant who wants convenience and does not have the time to manually add products in every single marketplace.
  6. Any merchant who wishes to keep track and manage inventory, order, customer data, and sales data from each individual marketplace in ONE integrated platform, SiteGiant.

How SiteGiant Cross-Border Marketplace
Benefits You?

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International Expansion
Opportunity to expand business to a new foreign market and sell own products internationally without geographical limitations.

Increased Brand Awareness
Selling on international marketplaces make it easier for customers to find your products as compared to spending lots of money, time and effort to drive traffic to your website.

Increased Revenue
Sell internationally = More brand recognition = Higher demand.

Maximize Selling of Low Local Demand Products
It is common for a product that has low local demand to perform in other markets. With cross-border selling, merchants can sell low performing products to international markets, which may have a contrast outcome.

Cost & Time Saving
Sell and manage multiple online marketplaces with SiteGiant Marketplace Sync with just a few simple steps. It is way more easier than individually manage your participating international marketplaces one by one.

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