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A Messenger bot that helps you to grow your business

SiteGiant Facebook Messenger Bot

A Messenger Bot Specially for Your Customers

Customers always prefer private chats, and that’s why you are receiving a lot of inquiries about your products everyday.

But same time, there are a lot of customers asking about the same inquiry, be it shipping details or payment options, inquiries are repeating itself and there’s nothing you can do about it.

But what you can do is that you can now build a messenger bot for them!

Introducing Facebook Messenger Bot, the messenger bot that will help you to grow your business.

Keyword based Automated Replies

Simply set up some keywords and the replies you want to send out to your customers, and leave the rest to Facebook Messenger Bot.

 After setting up, it will automatically replies messages for you.

FB messenger bot_screenshot 5

Replies Automatically to all your Customers

Now when your customers asked inquiries about your products, the Facebook Messenger Bot will respond based on the keywords and messages your customers send.

Best of all, Facebook Messenger Bot replies almost instantly, keeping your customers happy and satisfied.

Sell on Facebook Effortlessly

No more missing out pms from your potential customers.

Facebook Smart Responder_2

Time-saving. Instead of replying pms one by one, let Facebook Messenger Bot do it for you.

Facebook Smart Responder_3

Better engagement. Customers will always prefer responsive merchants. Don’t let your customers wait for your replies.

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