Manage Your Store

Build and run your online store easily with our powerful control panel.

Full Featured Website CMS

Besides our powerful eCommerce functionality, UniCart contains a full featured content management system which lets you manage your entire website’s navigation, content pages and design. You can create “about us”, “faq” pages, contact form or banners easily.

Multiple Currencies

You can sell to local as well as overseas customers, shoppers can see product prices in their local currency with real time conversion updates.

Orders Processing

When order is placed, an email notification will be sent out to you and shopper. You can organize, search, and check all your orders from your control panel, whether orders have been shipped or are pending, then process them accordingly.

Inventory Management

Product inventory is automatically updated when someone purchase at your store. You can view entire inventory at both product and product option levels. Products with low stock level and out of stock are labelled with another color for easy viewing. When no stock is available, purchase is disabled automatically.

We have this e-commerce business with Sitegiant for few years now. Sincerely thanks to everyone who work as a team in Sitegiant leading my online business without hassle. What’s the word that I should use to describe their technical support team? AWESOME!

I could have choose other web hosting company for my online business, but I NEVER do, because there’s no reason I should do that.

Why? Because their:
Service – GREAT
Technical support – EFFICIENT
Credibility – AFFIRMATIVE
Product updates – TERRIFIC

We’ll walk our journey together with Sitegiant, we hope you do the same!

William Tan - Nitecore Malaysia /