Sales Is There But You Might Not Realized

There’re many ways you can increase your sales revenue in SiteGiant’s UniCart system. But today, I’m going to share one simple and effective technique – Follow up Abandoned Orders

Login to UniCart system backend –

Go to Orders -> Click on Pending Tab. The Pending Orders are orders that placed by buyers but yet to make payment. This is your Hidden Goldmine. Now click on Edit link of one of the pending order.


There are two ways to follow up Abandoned Orders:-

  1. Click Remind Customer button to reminder email to customer who have yet to be paid order. There’s a link inside the reminder email that will redirect customer back to your website and complete the order. (This is faster and quicker way, but it won’t be as effective as below method.)
  2. I personally prefer checking shopper contact no. in the order detail and follow up through phone. Through this way you can start building relationship with your customers, they can hear your voice, they know you are real. People like to do business with real people instead of machine. It will increase the conversion rate tremendously.

In tele-conversation, always start with “Thanks” your customer for placing order in your website. Ask them politely to identify the reason of the incomplete order and highlight again the benefit of your products/services. Besides increasing conversion rate, you will discover valuable feedback from shopper that you follow up, such as:-

  • Was checkout presented with unexpected cost?
  • Or they found better price elsewhere?
  • Was it some issue happen in payment gateway? and so on.

Feedback is the key of improvement which will lead you to deliver a better service to your customers from time to time.

I hope that our sharing helps to improve your business performance. Thank you.