How to create image
In Online Selling, your customers can’t touch and feel your product. Therefore, your product Image play a big role that will influence consumer buying decision.

Here are the 3 simple steps on how to touch up and make the image (banners/products) sharpen where it will attract your audience first sight when they visit your website homepage.

No web designer help is needed.

Step 1: Get Ready Your Equipment

Make sure you have editing software like:

Photoshop (Paid) (Freeware) (Freeware) (Freeware)

Step 2: Get Ready Your Raw Images

Today, you can easily Buy images online or grab it for FREE and redesign it into a complete image that present your message that you want to bring out in your web banner. (Paid) (Free) (Free) (Free)

Step 3: Create Banners / Edit Product Images

Now at this stage you have the editing software & you know where to grab or buy photos. So just think of attractive tagline for your banners.

As for product image, you just have to do a quick touch up to make sure it’s bright and sharpen.

These 3 simple steps will improve your online business performance.

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