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With just a few clicks, you can now list all your Kumoten’s dropship products from SiteGiant directly to everywhere, be it marketplaces, Facebook or your webstore.

The best part about this is with SiteGiant Kumoten Sync, the products will be synced to everywhere. You do not need to purchase any products from Kumoten beforehand.

You only need to pay when you have orders. The orders will then sync back to SiteGiant and pass to Kumoten for processing. Kumoten will dropship directly to your customers. It is fully automated. You can just focus on selling, pretty cool, isn’t it.

So, how does this work ?

Step 1: Sync your products from Kumoten to SiteGiant. Click here. (tutorial)

Step 2: SiteGiant will sync your products to marketplaces

Step 3: Products being purchased on marketplaces

Step 4: Order details made on marketplaces will be synced back to SiteGiant

Step 5: SiteGiant will sync the order to Kumoten and merchant need to pay the order in Kumoten

Step 6: Kumoten will pack and ship the order directly to the customers

How to get started?

Step 1: Sign up with Kumoten

Step 2: Activate Kumoten App in SiteGiant

Step 3: Sign up with Lazada

Step 4: Activate Lazada Seller Fleet. You do not need to use
Lazada’s appointed shipping provider. Just notify Kumoten Email
( support@kumoten.com ) or whatsapp ( +60193310990 ) with
your name, contact details and Lazada Store URL. A special
shipping provider will be activated for you.
Step 5: Redeem your FREE RM88 credit from Kumoten!

Enjoy 30% OFF on Any SiteGiant Yearly Plan

*Only applicable for new SiteGiant Sign Ups

Coupon Code: kumoten

Redeem your RM88 credit now!

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