Drag & Drop Layout Manager

Bringing User-friendliness Into Next Level

Very often, You want your store to look professional and you wish to customize certain part of your store layout. But the problem is…
– You don’t know where to locate that part of layout in order to do modification.
– You couldn’t imagine how is the outcome turn out to be.
– You don’t have any IT or HTML knowledge.

No more headache in web design
with our newly launched

Drag & Drop Layout Manager

You May Focus More On Your Business Now

Saving Your Time – By using Drag & Drop function, combining with some other user friendly tool, your online store’s layout editing can be completed in just a few minutes.

No IT background / Web Design Knowledge Needed – Take control of store’s layout by yourself, you may fire your web designer now!

Flexibility – You don’t want your store looks like same kind of eCommerce website that million of other peoples using it. By using our Drag & Drop Layout Manager, you can built your own unique of layout easily.

What if I am an experience web developer, do I still need Drag & Drop Layout Manager?
Don’t stand if you can sit. Don’t sit if you can lie down. So don’t Code if you have drag & Drop Layout Manager, save your energy on business development instead.

What happen if there is
NO Drag & Drop Layout Manager?

– You need to be either very good in web design, or have the patience and time to learn new knowledge. 90% of people won’t do it
– Your online store provider must be patience enough to support your layout editing request until the coding level. 90% of provider won’t do it
– Or you giving up amending your website layout. 90% of people will giving up
– Or you can transfer to provider who does have Drag & Drop Layout Manager, like SiteGiant