Lelong.my SYNC
Allows you to sell your products to
Lelong.my's members

What is Lelong.my?

Lelong.my Sync is designed to help…

  • Make More Money by selling in Lelong.my – Malaysia’s No.1 Online Marketplace.
  • Get more exposure for your online business.
  • Saving time to reupload products to Lelong.my.
  • Saving time to update inventory across platforms because order details from Lelong.my will be sycned back to SiteGiant’s system, stock quantity will get updated automatically.

How it Works

  1. Upload your products to SiteGiant’s online store
  1. Select your products to be listed in Lelong.my
  1. Your products will be appeared in Lelong.my
  1. Lelong.my’s members purchase your products
  1. Lelong.my’s order details will be synced back to SiteGiant’s platform, stock quantity will get updated as well in SiteGiant’s inventory system.
  1. How to grab Lelong.my Sync?
    Sign Up UniCart Pro or Premium plan, you can get this plugin for FREE!
  2. Do I need a Lelong.my WebStore?
    Yes, you need a Lelong.my WebStore Plus account (Price : RM498) so that this plugin can sync products from SiteGiant’s system to Lelong.my.
  3. What if I don’t have a Lelong.my WebStore? Can I sign up through SiteGiant?
    Yes, if you don’t have a Lelong.my WebStore, you can sign up at a discounted price RM399, the renewal price for subsequent year will resume back to RM498/year.

How Rizal take advantage of eCommerce to boost his offline business

Since we using SiteGiant’s website, compare to just a social media online business, our sales increase more than 300%, and then it keep on increase every year!

– Rizal Helmi