Malaysia Marketplace Comparison

(Lazada, Shopee, PrestoMall, Lelong, Qoo10 & Youbeli)

There are few of marketplaces online. So, which one to go to? Confused? Here is a comprehensive marketplace comparison guide for you.

Malaysia Marketplace Comparison

(Lazada, Shopee, PrestoMall, Lelong, Qoo10 and Youbeli)

There are few of marketplaces online. So, which one to go to? Confused? Here is a comprehensive marketplace comparison guide for you.

malaysia marketplace comparison - lazada

1. Lazada

Monthly average estimated traffic (Jan 2021) : 15.80M
Average visit duration: 6 minutes 42 seconds

Lazada Malaysia started its operation in 2012. Today, Lazada Group has expanded to Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It has become one of the biggest eCommerce company in South East Asia, selling a wide range of products from consumer electronics to household goods. Currently, Alibaba Group is the major shareholder and owns 83% of shares of Lazada Group.That’s why you can now purchase Taobao products via Lazada as well!

2. Shopee

Monthly average estimated traffic (Jan 2021) : 46.97M
Average visit duration: 10 minutes 24 seconds

Shopee was launched in 2015. Shopee has expanded to the countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines. There are approximately 89.4% of Malaysian prefer to use smartphones to browse internet as compared to desktops and laptops. Recognizing the importance of mobile commerce, Shopee launched its own app and it achieved 43% month-on-month (MoM) growth in 2016. This has made Shopee to become one of the top app in mobile commerce. Besides that, Shopee also launched the Shopee Coin to help shoppers save more by collecting coins.

malaysia marketplace comparison - shopee
malaysia marketplace comparison - prestomall

3. PrestoMall (Formerly known as 11street)

Monthly average estimated traffic (Jan 2021) : 101.36K
Average visit duration: 2 minutes 14 seconds

PrestoMall (previously known as 11street) is Malaysia’s largest homegrown online marketplace. Currently, PrestoMall is operated by Presto Mall Sdn. Bhd. Besides being an online marketplace, PrestoMall also fulfills users’ shopping, entertainment, payment, credit, travel and food needs. Shoppers can make hassle-free mobile payments via PrestoPay for online and offline retail purchases. 


Monthly average estimated traffic (Jan 2021) : 459.03k
Average visit duration: 1 minute 58 seconds is a Malaysia’s homegrown and the oldest online marketplace. offers widest products like mobile phones, camera and gadgets, home appliances, fashion and accessories, beauty and personal care, toys and even frozen food. Moreover, is currently using Consumer to Consumer (C2C) and Business to Consumer (B2C) business model.

5. Qoo10

Monthly avarage estimated traffic (Jan 2021) : 281.01k
Average visit duration:  49 seconds

Qoo10 was established in late 2010 and is currently the largest online marketplace in Singapore.Today, Qoo10 is available in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Qoo10 offers newest and latest variety of products from beauty and diet, men and women fashion, digital and mobile, home and living, baby and food and etc.

Summary of Malaysia Marketplace Comparison

Malaysia Marketplaces
Background Marketplace which was started by Rocket Internet from Germany and currently owned by Alibaba Mobile-First Marketplace owned by SEA group (formerly known as Garena) Formerly known as 11street Malaysia’s Local Marketplace since 1998 Giosis is the company behind Qoo10. It is a joint venture eBay Inc. and Gmarket Inc Local marketplace in Malaysia since 2015
Average Traffic (Aug 20 - Jan 21) Source: similarweb 15.80m 46.97m 101.36k 459.03k 281.01k 271.12k
Commission (Excluding 6% SST) 0% Effective 1 June 2021

Orders more than 100

2% Preferred & Preferred+ Seller

1% Non-Preferred Seller

Orders less than 100 0% All Seller
Rate is varied based on product category 0-10% 9-12% 4%
Payment gateway Fee 2% 2% 2% 2% 9-12% 2%

Store set up cost
Free Free Free RM498 per year RM50 Free

Key Differences
FBL – Fulfillment by Lazada LEX – Lazada Express delivery

14 Days return policy

App Chat Feature

Lazada University
Social media marketplace Mobile-First

Free shipping for buyer

App Chat Feature

Shopee University
Free product listing

Marketing fund for campaigns and promotions

Training for new sellers
Provide subdomain for your Lelong webstore

Customer can direct pay to seller

Netpay (Lelong payment gateway)

Lmall – Premium marketplace for brands
Giosis provides advertising, promotion, event, payment, and shipping services Free Product Listing

Accept the more than 6 e-wallet payment

Online shopping option in Boost, Mcash, Gopayz and more e-wallet

Seller Center App Features

Marketing fund for campaigns and promotions

Marketplace API Sync

How It Works

How It Works

How It Works

How It Works

How It Works

How It Works
Accept individual, company or international seller? Accept Individual, Company and International Seller

**International Seller sign up via
Accept Individual, Company and International Seller

*International Seller sign up via
Accept Individual, Company and International Seller Accept Individual, Company and International Seller

**Subject to approval
Accept Individual, Company and Internationa seller

**International seller has to go to the respective country’s office to register
Accept Company and International Seller
Business Model B2B2C B2C B2B2C B2C, C2C B2C, C2C B2B2C
Settlement Method Within 2-3 weeks

Settlement every 2 weeks
Within 3-7 days once status is shown as delivered.

Everyday settlement
Within 2-7 days once status is shown as delivered

Settlement within two business days
Weekly settlement if using Netpay payment gateway

Direct payment from customer to seller
15 days 7 working days

SKU Limitation
No Limit 500-1,500 based on orders 10,000 No Limit (Subject to Approval) No Limit No Limit

Disclaimer: The Malaysia Payment Gateway Comparison Table is for reference only. Any information given does not constitute any warranty for a particular use. The copyrights and trademarks of the companies and products mentioned belong to their respective owners.

Bonus facts about e-commerce in Malaysia

  • B2C eCommerce experience high growth in the past 5 years, Malaysia market is expected to grow to US$ 3.4 billion by 2020.
  • 63% of Malaysia population is aged 35 or below and they are tech-savvy.
  • Malaysian online users spend at least 16 hrs online / week.
  • Malaysian spend 1/3rd of their online time on social media.
  • 47% of Malaysian mobile users are more prone to buy online.
  • Malaysia’s eCommerce transactions main revolves around online banking and credit/ debit card transaction.

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