SiteGiant Payment Reconciliation

Cross-check your shipping charges today!


Have you been paid correctly?

As a marketplace seller, we expect that marketplaces would pay us accordingly and on time. However, it will be a sleepless night when you find out that you were not paid correctly and there’s a contradiction in your payout.

You have no idea

Whether there are any over charges on shipping fee?
Whether you should hire extra manpower to help checking on your payout from Lazada because you don’t have the time to do so?

You have no idea

Which sales orders have been paid and which have not?
Whether there are any over charges on shipping fee?

SiteGiant Payment Reconciliation is what you need to reconcile your extra shipping charges from Lazada.

What is SiteGiant Payment Reconciliation?


It is a useful app to help you keep track on any extra shipping charges made by Lazada.

How it works?

sitegiant payment reconciliation step 1
Purchase and install SiteGiant Payment Reconciliation app from your SiteGiant App Store.
sitegiant payment reconciliation step 2
Choose your preferred date or Lazada payment cycle to get the statement.
sitegiant payment reconciliation step 3
Once you get the statement, you may filter the statement by amount of shipping overcharge.
sitegiant payment reconciliation step 4
All orders with shipping overcharge will be displayed in the statement.

Why you need this?



It saves your time from checking and verifying your shipping fees one by one.


Reduce workload

You don’t have to hire extra workers to verify your payout, less mistakes as well.


Identify extra shipping charges

It’s easier for you to identify the amount of shipping charges made by Lazada, and get to know if there’s any extra charges made on them.


Match your payment with orders

It’s more convenient for you to verify your payout against payment made by Lazada.

Let SiteGiant Payment Reconciliation monitor your Lazada payment while you focus on sales!


RM595 per year

Support up to 6000 orders/month

*T&C applies

Try out SiteGiant Payment Reconciliation today!

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