Introducing SiteGiant’s Ingenious Popup Plugin
to Boost Your Sales

Popup Can Increase Your Return Visitors & Attract Customers to Buy More!

Our Popup Plugin is a powerful tool to grab your customers’ attention when they visit your store. It is a very effective way to display your promotions, specials and deals, coupon code, vouchers and even capture email address of your new subscribers.

What Can It Do?

  • Highlight the latest promotions, specials and deals to attract new and recurring sales.
  • Turn more of your website visitors into subscribers with a simple newsletter popup form.
  • Display latest coupon code and discount voucher to get customers’ attention.
  • Show a popup welcome message, custom notice and advertisement on any page of your choice.
  • Create compelling popup content using text, image, links and html.
  • You can see the demo at

I’ve been using SiteGiant for quite
some timeabout 4 years+ and this
pop up plugin

I’ve been using SiteGiant for quite some time about 4 years+ and this pop up plugin is 1 of my favorite plugin. I have gather number of new subscribers each month where my potential buyer will opt into my newsletter for latest news & promotion. Well, thanks to Pop up newsletter box that ongoing remind people to opt in.

I will try something different in near future by inserting a Video on the pop up to attract buyer to watch my latest advertisement. A video speaks for everything.


Pop up plugin allows me the
flexibility to promote my
marketing campaign such as…

Pop up plugin allows me the flexibility to promote my marketing campaign such as New Year Deal, Christmas deal, CNY deal, where my customers login to my website the first thing they focus is the Campaign Message with a Coupon Code.

Besides, when I’ve stocks overloaded, I can easily do big sale clearance promotion by using pop up function to highlight my campaign aggressively. I would advice those online seller to try out this amazing function. It’s worth!


Ms Sim

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