Are you still NOT SATISFIED with sales income generated in your website? Even though there are substantial amount of traffic in your website, but the shoppers just window shopping, without making any purchase.

Why this is happening? It’s simple because in online selling it’s all about TRUST. The more trust you built, the higher conversion or sales you will get.

You may take an example of Deal Site like Groupon. Where, they show Total Bought Made on each of their products. In Psychology point of view, shopper’s Trust & Confidence level towards the product is increased when they saw the product’s Number of Bought. Thus, it will create a quick call to action for shopper to purchase your product!


Total Bought Counter plugin

How It Works?

  • Whenever a purchase is made, it will increase the total bought number on the respective product. This will create a “Hot Selling” feeling on that product and lead to higher conversion rate.
  • It won’t show any counter if there is no purchase. It make no sense to let shopper know they are first person to buy the product.
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