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Simplify checkout process for better conversion rate


Is your check out process too long?

Leverage your sales to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Wechat and WhatsApp will help you to capture more sales. However, it will be inconvenient for your customers to make their payments if they have to go through all the way from “add to cart” to “checkout process”. A lengthy checkout process gives customers the time to reconsider the purchase and increases customer shopping cart abandonment rate.

Now let’s see how Purchase Link Generator can make a difference in your checkout process!

Normal Purchase Process 


Purchase Link Generator


If you can improve your checkout process, you can improve your sales by a huge margin.

Let purchase link generator improve your checkout process and reduce your cart abandonment rate! 

What is Purchase Link Generator?


It is a useful app that helps you to generate product purchase link for online shoppers. With this link, they can purchase immediately without having to go through the lengthy checkout process.

Features of Purchase Link Generator


Simple setup and no coding is required

Just need to apply a few clicks, then you are able to generate the purchase link.


Choose products by name or category

Choose products by name or category and quantity desired by customers to generate the purchase link.


Insert coupon to the purchase link

Adding coupons to the purchase link will not only make your deal irresistible but also urge customers to buy instantly.


Shorten the purchase link

Short purchase link builds credibility because it does not appear to be spamming for customers.

Benefits of Purchase Link Generator


Improve customer checkout experience

It provides convenience and saves customers time from completing a lengthy check-out process.


Sell anywhere you want

You can generate a purchase link and send it to your customers via various channels like Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, WhatsApp and many more.


Improve conversion rate

Bypass “add to cart” process and direct customers proceed to checkout instantly will help to secure your sales and improve your conversion rate.



Simplicity in the checkout process will give a good impression for your customers, increase the likelihood of customers to repurchase from you again.

The powerful tool that you need to sell on multiple social media platforms and increase sales.

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