SiteGiant Shippop Sync

“Sell Everywhere With SiteGiant,
Deliver Everywhere With Shippop”

sitegiant shippop sync

Choose preferred Courier Provider, Make Payment, Print AWB,
and auto have shipment tracking no. sync back to your SiteGiant webstore.


SHIPPOP is a one stop delivery solution that integrates multiple courier and logistic provider for e-commerce merchants. Send parcels domestically and internationally through one single integration and interface.

How It Works ?

sitegiant shippop sync

Register a Shippop Account

Get the token from Shippop and paste in your SiteGiant Shippop App

When someone place an order at your SiteGiant Webstore, it will be sync to Shippop

Shippop will then process the order and a courier company will pick up the product from you and send to the buyer

Shippop will then send the tracking code to SiteGiant


  • • Get great deals and promotions
  • • Door-to-Door pickups
  • • Pay online conveniently
  • • Supported by major courier services
  • • Track your shipments in real-time
  • • Widest courier choices available

Try out SiteGiant Shippop Sync today!

No more queuing in post office, no more handling of heavy parcels.

Let Shippop handle the delivery process for you.

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